Sunday, November 20, 2011

Creativity Exposed

We all have gifts, talents, and characteristics that make us who we are. We all are endowed with blessings to do great things in life and impact others in a mighty way. I believe in the power of words and thoughts. Perhaps, that is why I highly value wisdom and writing. More specifically, I place high value on valuable writing. I desire to read and send messages with meaning. These monthly email series that I am embarking on is birthed out of creativity and expression. With that being said, I would like to share a great quote.

“Every problem is an opportunity for you to discover creativity” (Bishop T.D. Jakes).

Sometimes life does not offer us what we want or when we want it. I believe that is great timing to turn on our creative abilities. I can hear some of you now saying, “I am not creative” or “There is nothing about me that is creative.” I beg to differ. I believe that each of us have some creative capabilities. Some may have more enhanced creative ability than others. However, we all have creative abilities. We choose whether we express them or not.

Creativity is exposed when we allow ourselves to express that which lies deep within us. As children, we used our crayons to color, our imaginations to wander, and our creativity to be released. However, for some reason, as adults we have decided that creativity is comparmentalized to only arts or only “what children do.” Creativity is thinking “outside of the box.” I define creativity as a method of imagination that is realized along a walk of faith and may include some risk. Creativity is that part of self that says no matter how broad or limited my resources and no matter what obstacles may or may not come against me, I dare to do, say, or be x, y, or z. These unknowns denoted by x, y, or z can be any blanks that you want to fill. I challenge you to not allow fear, society, or sometimes even self stand in the way of who you were destined to be. Yes, sometimes we are our own biggest critics. Trust in the power that lies within you.

We are in a special time. As the economy and global issues become more and more unpredictable, we have opportunities to express that creativity that lies deep within us. If you are having trouble obtaining gainful employment, find creative ways to still use your gifts and talents. Allow creativity to be the means to get you out of any rut that you may find yourself in. Allow creativity to be the way you solve that problem that seems to be insurmountable. You may be facing an issue at this very moment, be it, personal or professional. Know that the step you take to come up with a solution involves you using your creativity. If you feel that your problem is getting increasingly worse and not better, I challenge you to use your creativity and “think outside of the box” to come up with a solution.

For me “thinking outside of the box” is a means to be innovative and generate refreshing ideas. It is about creative expression. Personally, I love writing. My passion for writing comes from the interest that I have in creative expression and the value that I place on the power of words, as well as, the great meaning behind messages. I am taking a step in being creative and stretching myself by embarking on this journey to write these monthly messages. It is my way of contributing to others while simultaneously feeding my passion. I choose to live life with purpose and on purpose. I do not expect the workplace to be my only medium whereby I express my passion and purpose in life. I believe that the workplace is just that, a medium, and not the final destination. This being said, each of us have the control to define our passion and purpose in life. Don’t allow others to determine your destiny. I hope this message has encouraged you, as well, as challenged you to think in a refreshing way.
Take home message: Creativity is and always has been inside of you. Choose to release it now.
Faith Challenge: I challenge you to focus on the fruit of the spirit LOVE. You can do so by showing more love to your friends, family, and strangers each day. I would love to hear from you on how you have demonstrated more love for this challenge. Spread the love!

Love and Blessings,

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