Friday, February 10, 2017

Are we consuming real food-or-"food-like" substances?

Hope the January vegan cleanse has opened your eyes to the reality of food. 

For me, it was a great challenge and opportunity to be intentional about what I put in my body. Also, I really enjoyed learning healthy recipes that I intend on using more often. 

I have decided to continue on this health cleanse, but have not cut out animal products all together. I have eased back into eggs (free-range) and lean meats (chicken and fish). I am still avoiding turkey, beef, pork, processed sugar, and artificial sweeteners. My family and I have been opting for agave syrup, honey, and dates as an alternative to processed sugar.  

I must tell you...I FEEL AMAZING! It is empowering to be able to say NO to "food" that never served my body well in the first place. I mean...think about it...why would we consume "foods" that cause our body to enter into a diseased state. 

Below are 3 tricks to avoid the craving for "junk food," but instead to turn our body on to real food.

1- Start your morning with a cup of filtered water with 1-2 teaspoons of apple cidar vinegar or a slice of lemon.

NOTE: This will jump start your morning with a detox and help curb your appetite for junk.

2- For each meal, ensure that half of your plate is full of greens (veggies of some sort)--at least for lunch and dinner.

3- Keep healthy options around your home, car, office, and in your hand bag. Below are some examples:

  • Instead of putting sugar in your tea, add a teaspoon of honey (or agave syrup). 
  • Whenever you crave potato chips or other similar types of food, make sweet potato wedges, go for rice cakes, or even have toast with avocado .
  • If you are trying to avoid cheese, but want something with a "cheese-like" flavor, sprinkle some nutritional yeast on your food. Works great on popcorn!
  • Dates are so amazing! Especially--medjool dates for any sweet tooth. Plus, you can stay full longer with this amazing super food.
  • Instead of buying store-bought juice, make homeade smoothies and juices. My family and I love them and it is a great way for me sneak in more greens for my toddler.
  • After dinner, have a cup of hot herbal tea. We usually end dinner with a cup of green or mint tea. Such a great way to wind down for the night.
  • Drink water like your life depended on it. Drink plenty of water all day! I believe the recommendation is half of your body weight in ounces.
Hope you find these tips helpful. Stay tuned for more! Please share if these have worked for you. Also, share any other tips you would add.

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