Thursday, July 13, 2017

How JUST 15 minutes can transform your life?

Hi, everyone.

Did you know that what you do in JUST 15 minutes each day can completely change your life? 

Sometimes we think that in order to make a transformation in our lives that we must spend tons of money, time, and energy. Well, actually, if you dedicate only 15 minutes every day to an activity and do it consistently, you will notice changes in your life. 

For instance, I woke up earlier than usual these past few days and have incorporated a minimum of 15 minutes of yoga to my day. I also have been adding regular afternoon walks/strolls with my toddler. When I tell you that I have so much more energy and mobility, it will amaze you. I would consider myself to be healthy overall, but am aiming to be more flexible and have sustained energy throughout the day. 

Yesterday, I came across a video of an 81-year-old woman who was super fit, gorgeous, and full of energy. I WAS VERY IMPRESSED. She was able to do 25 planks, push ups, and more. How amazing is it to be in shape and full of energy at that age. She was indeed a motivation for me to take it up a notch! 

Imagine if we were to just dedicate a minimum of 15 minutes each day consistently to a task that will continue to reward us. Everyone wants to be healthy and have overall balance in life. However, it is up to us to commit ourselves to achieving those goals. 

I challenge you to dedicate 15 minutes each day to improve the area of life that you'd like to transform for the better. 
  • For instance, if are striving for weight loss, you may want to consider a 15 minute walk each morning around the block. 
  • Another example is you may want to eat healthier, so try to prep your meals at home instead of going out to eat. Look for quick and easy 15 minute recipes. Or, dedicate 15 minutes each day to meal prep.
  • Someone may need more clarity and peace in their lives, if so, take out your journal or notebook and write down all that is in your head and craft a strategy to overcome the blocks for 15 minutes each day. Also, you can aim to pray and meditate for 15 minutes each morning.
  • Others may want to physically tone and sculpt their body, if so then do a 15 minute strength training workout. There are tons of routines you can find online.  
Hope this helps to motivate you to take charge of your life. YOU can be the change you want to see in your life. YOU deserve to be healthier. Your children, family, spouse, friends, and all other loved ones deserve to have you be fit, in shape, healthy, energetic, and most of all PRESENT. 

Check out this video of the 81-year-old woman I mentioned earlier who is in tip-top shape. Also, did I mention that she has done competitions for body-building?

Please comment below if you have ideas you'd like to share of how to transform your life with just 15 minutes a day.

May you experience health and wellness in your life!

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