Monday, April 10, 2017

Do you FEEL ALIVE or are you just existing?

We all know that life can have its ups and downs. Some days are amazing and we are thriving beyond all expectations. Other days, we need an extra cup of coffee to get us through. Below are 3 simple ways to add more flava to get you that extra boost you need to FEEL ALIVE. I call them the 3 E's!


Start each day with intentions for the day. Focus on what you would like to accomplish and EXPECT THE BEST. Be specific about the tasks you would like to complete for the day. As you achieve your goals, be sure to reward yourself. For instance, go for a walk around the block on a beautiful day, grab a nice (healthy) snack, or enjoy a nice cup of latte. Another treat can be to have a bubble bath before you go to bed. It's the little things that make a big difference!

Homeade Latte---a cup full of a latte love :-)


Get excited about life! Take inventory of the things you love to do and do them often. If you love to dance, take a dance class after you get off work. If you love to write, take up blogging. If you love the camera and enjoy speaking on a topic of interest, set up a YouTube channel and get people to be part of your audience. If you love to play sports, make time for some hoops or to run the field in your free time. That which we love to do, we should make time for...and do it often!

When we do what we love, it will feel as if we are flying! #freedom


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I living life to the fullest?
  • Do I make the most of each day?
  • Do I serve others with excellence?
  • Do I bring my whole self to my projects, my tasks, and my contributions? 

Based on how you answer these questions, you can get a clear indication whether you are living with excellence. This shows up in how you treat others, whether you show up on time to where you need to be, whether you respond promptly to urgent emails or other important tasks, and whether you are present and engaged in the tasks before you. 

How we show up in the world determines how the world opens up to us. When you move in the world with excellence, not only will others notice, but you will feel more alive. You will be more present in each moment and will maximize your day as well as fulfill your potential. What a great habit to develop---excellence!

                                         Image result for excellence


Be sure to count your blessings each day. I keep a gratitude journal and highly encourage others to do the same. It is such a great practice to write out at least 5 things you are grateful for each day. You can decide whether you want to do that first thing in the morning, throughout the day, or before you go to bed at night. No matter when you do it, there is such a powerful feeling that comes from doing this every day consistently. The more that we are grateful, the more likely that we will be open to notice the wonderful things in our lives and in our environments. This helps us to keep a positive mindset, look for the good in all things, and to feel more alive.

                                     Image result for journal

I invite you to comment below and share your tips to FEEL ALIVE. We know that we only have one life to let's live it to the fullest. 


  1. Love the Three 'Es'!
    Setting 'Expectations' for my day helps me FOCUS on what I want to achieve and gives me the direction I need.
    Having 'Enthusiasm' makes the activity more Enjoyable!
    And certainly, Doing all that I do in 'Excellence'-'As unto the Lord, and not man' helps me give my Very Best!
    I started my 'Gratefulness' journey this year, and it absolutely helps start my day with an Attitude of Gratitude. Love it! Thank you for sharing Rahwa!

  2. Thank you for sharing how you exemplify the three E's. You are such a wonderful example!